UK High Quality OMEGA Railmaster Replica Watches Online

Everyone knows the perfect replica OMEGA Seamaster and Speedmaster. Even less know the Globemaster, and even less still know the Railmaster. But just because it’s obscure doesn’t make it a bad watch by any means. In fact, the cheap fake OMEGA Railmaster is a bit of a hidden gem.

The original 1:1 fake Omega Railmaster UK introduced in 1957, was an anti-magnetic timepiece intended for railway workers, scientists, or anyone who worked near electrical fields, like the Milgauss and Ingenieur. Sensing a theme here? Confusingly, the luxury replica Omega Railmaster sits underneath the Seamaster range (not sure what the ocean and trains have in common).

More spartan in its design than many of AAA super clone OMEGA’s models, the Railmaster is still a tough and handsome tool watch that these days boasts a chronometer-certified movement and boatloads of retro charm.